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About Us

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Simple Auto Leasing started leasing cars in 1999. Since our first days our principles have always been the same, customer service and great prices are amongst the most important. Our first location and corporate headquarters are located in NJ. We have now expanded by opening call centers in Florida and Texas. We always strive to be the best lease broker around and we would love the chance to prove it. We are dedicated to ensure excellent service and hassle free lease prices to all of our customers. Some of the brands we lease are BMW, Audi, Infiniti, Mercedes Benz, Toyota, Lexus, Nissan, Honda, and more. We lease any make or model car.

What makes us different? We treat our clients like family and friends. More then ever customers want to spend their money wisely and we understand that. We also know consumers are very comfortable leasing cars at there local dealership and very skeptical buying over the Internet. When it comes to honesty you can rely on us. When you walk into the dealership and see the marble floors and fancy plasmas realize you are paying for it. At 1 Stop Leasing we have a very low overhead passing the savings over to you the consumer. There are other reason Dealerships cannot match our price. We have a fleet number that will save you thousands off the cars invoice.

What our clients are saying…

Sick of dealing with nissan dealerships and there wacked out prices so i tried a leasing company called 1stop leasing spoke to avi.Told him what color altima i needed and 2 days later the cars sitting in my driveway delivered as promised. Thanks guys and thanks to the ..great job